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Anatomical Study Of A Beggar Dreaming Of..

Anatomical Study Of A Beggar Dreaming Of..

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My most personal work yet : "Anatomical Study Of A Beggar Dreaming Of.. (A future?)" (You can put in whatever you want : money, bitches, AI, a fuck, someone to love, a helping hand, a brave new world etc.)
Yes, it´s a self portrait.
2B or not to B? - Pencil Drawing on cotton paper 380g, 2B throughout 8B graphs.
Anyway, I started drawing a long time ago as a kid but put in on the shelf after starting photography and you know... life. Drawing just takes up too much bloody time doesn´t it? And besides, you get hungry a lot, and people bully you for being different, and they cry a lot.
I´ve been working on this dilf mf image for the last 2 weeks, compared to the eye I drew last year that took about 2 hours. Practice. Focus. I´ve always been a fan of anatomy and figurative stuff. I have this passion inside of me..
I´m particulary happy with the flesh on the left tibia and some of the details of the muscles in stretch. (Too many muscles to mention, and I don´t want to be a bore with details)
To tell you the truth... things haven´t actually been easy the last couple of years. Covid 3 times, first one in 2020/Italy after the most fucked up amateur production. Being sued afterwards for talking about it. Lawyer expenses. Crazy bitch exgirlfriend blaming me for everything wrong with her fucked up life, Being Johnny Depped. Facebook raped, Getting major work cancelled from Plan Norge and NRK because of false allegations (ex), more lawyers, Facing bankruptcy, 2 besties dying and so on. Still trying to put in some efforts for my homies though.
Obviously, I´m doing something wrong (ex) and besides, art & photography aren´t real jobs anyway, right? Now photographers even have to put some government financed bullshit mark on every image as to ascertain the "objective reality". I´ve learned that the "objective reality" gets really easy offended, and we can´t have that...*digressing. I´m Non B, I know stuufff. Point taken. If the title of the image doesn´t give it all away I hope the audacity of the lightly nude pose will. I´ve even removed some skin! Oooh! For an extra 5$ I´ll even remove the hand for the HO, PM me for that.
A4 Prints of these babies will go for a 100$ or so, signed by yours truly. Hopefully I´ll sell some so that I can finally grow up and finance my future adaptability to society. Get a real job and support my family in a real way. Do porn. Support Ukraine (Did that). Have a vacay (Never did) Heck, if I sell I might do some streetart versions, in colour! Support Assange! Nah, too much hope.
So much talk over a lousy drawing! Talk is cheap. So are you. Thank you EW for the beggar idea ;)

I'm beggin', beggin' you
So, put your loving hand out, baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So, put your loving hand out, darling

PS : I´ve never been happier in all my life!!


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